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October 4, 2012
The Biltmore Beacon
"Vadim Bora collected works on display at Warren Wilson," by Mark-Ellis Bennett, photos: Mark-Ellis Bennett

October 3, 2012
Warren Wilson Echo
"From Russia With Love," the ECHO staff

October 2, 2012
Mountain Xpress
"Vadim Bora: A Visual Legacy"

September 2012
Bold Life
"Larger than Life: Vadim Bora Retrospective"

September 23, 2012
Asheville Citizen-Times
"Exploring Vadim's World - A new exhibit showcases the genius of Asheville artist Vadim Bora, curated by his widow, Constance Richards," by Carol Motsinger, photos: John Fletcher

September 2012
The Laurel
"Vadim Bora: A Retrospective at Warren Wilson"

January 2012
Asheville Citizen-Times
"A Toast for Vadim," by Tony Kiss

August 5, 2010
The Biltmore Beacon
"Bronze Vanderbilt statues unveiled at Antler Hill Village," by Mark-Ellis Bennett, photos: Mark-Ellis Bennett

May 13, 2009
Asheville Tribune
"Vadim Bora -Grand Bohemian Gallery Sneak Preview"

August 23, 2006
Asheville Tribune
"Vadim Bora -Sculpture gives kids hope"

January 27, 2006
Anderson Journal
"Vadim Bora - From the heart - Russian artist featured in Arts Warehouse exhibit,"
by Karen Ghizzoni, photos: Michelle Mogavero

March 2005
Carolina Arts
"Featured Works— Vadim Bora

July 2004
Rapid River Magazine
"Art Talk - Artist of the Month July 2004," by Kelly Boler

April 4, 2004
Asheville Citizen-Times
"Face Value - Artist Bora's latest show enchants with self-portraits," by Arnold Wengrow, photos: Ewart Ball

August 2003
Spartanburg Herald
"Spartanburg County Museum of Art Hosts Reception for New Exhibits," by Alice Lang

October 24, 2002
Mountain Xpress
"Three Russian Artists"

August 2002
Haywood Park Hotel & Promenade Guest Guide
"Atrium Merchant Spotlight - Vadim Bora Gallery"

November 4, 2001
Times News
Vadim Bora - Artist of the Month

June 24, 2001
Asheville Citizen-Times
"Vadim Bora's 'Four Trees' - A series of landscapes by Vadim Bora," by Staff

November 7, 1999
Asheville Citizen-Times
"Creating a new type of gallery - Visitors to Vadim Bora Studio-Gallery experience the finished works alongside sketches and works in progress," by Constance E. Richards

November, 1999
Rapid River- Vadim Bora "Facets" Exhibition

"Bora named Artist of the Month"




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